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Plastic Washers & Shims

Manufacturer-Direct Flat Plastic Washers and Shims...

Rubber Washer diagram, small

  • Standard Plastic Washer and Shim Line includes 1/4" to 3" O.D. (with any doable I.D.) manufactured from various thicknesses of Polyester (Mylar™) film, PTFE, Polyethylene, PVC (Vinyl), Kapton™, and other materials.
  • LOW MINIMUMS - STANDARD PRICING from 100 to 100,000 each on standard items.
  • Multi-tiered VOLUME PRICING by item + multi-item order DISCOUNTS.
  • FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING on orders over $100.

How to Use this Guide

Some (especially those with slower connections) may prefer to let us look-up our style code, availability, price, and anything else you need to know, which we'll be glad to do.  Either way, information needed includes:

  • Material Type or functional requirements like temperature, fluid/chemical contact, expected abrasion and other stresses, etc.
  • Outside Diameter (OD)
  • Inside Diameter (ID) (does not affect pricing)
  • Thickness (THK)

The illustrated EZ Inquiry form combines outlining the wide range of available rubber washer options with a printable inquiry form.

Summary of Features and Options


Min – Max

Additional Notes


Polyester (Mylar) Films, PTFE, Polyethylene, Acetate, others available to economically meet most service requirements.

Outside Diameter

0.125" – 2.984"

 1/8” – 2-63/64”

3.2 mm – 75.8 mm

Standard line includes all 1/64" (.016”, 0.4 mm) fractional increments; Other sizes available.  Please see Plastic Shims for 3" and larger sizes.

Inside Diameter

.094" – 2.859"

3/32” – 2-55/64”

2.4 mm – 72.6 mm

All sizes also available without center hole or cross-hair slits.  Irregular OD's, ID's, and other shapes available by special quotation.


.003" – .125"

3/1000” – 1/8”

0.08 mm – 3.18 mm

Some materials available from .003" through 1/8" thicknesses. (Selection varies by material.)

Order Quantities

100 each & up

Standard pricing on 100 to 100,000 each.


$0.005 each & up

Priced in easy to read charts by Material - OD


Multi-level quantity discounts begin at only 250 pieces and go through 100,000.

Buy 5 items in any quantity-price tier - use next lower tier pricing; 10 item orders can be purchased in the second lower tier.  Please let us quote large quantities.

$Partial Tooling Charges

Most No Charge – Max $75

Only IF we don’t have suitable tooling amongst our 10,000 die inventory AND your order is less than $500 θ Non-recurring (one-time) charge based on extended item list price:  <$100 @ $75; $100-$249.99 @ $50; $250-$499.99 @ $25; No Charge on $500+.

To View Plastic Washer Prices

Plastic Washer-Shim Price Pages are organized by Material and Thickness, then by Outside Diameter (OD), with standard pricing from 100 to 100,000 each.  Prices cover a range of available OD's in each Material-Thickness combination, and are unaffected by ID options.

To View Plastic Washer Specifications

The Summary of Features Table (above) summarizes the broad range of standard plastic washer availability.

Specifications are identified by Style Codes, a four-part code details Material Type, Hardness and Color, plus Outside Diameter (OD), Inside Diameter (ID), and Thickness (THK) dimensions.  Rubber Washer Style Codes can be used for any configuration -- standard, semi-standard, or non-standard.

Precise standard size availability (including ID dimension and tolerances) can be determined by the Standard Size Charts.  Beginning with OD range, these charts list all available THK and ID combinations available by OD.

Or...just tell us what you're looking for and we'll do the rest.

Washer Prices

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