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Flange Gasket Price & Selection Guide

Over 5,000 Standard Size-Material Combinations!

Red Rubber Flange Gaskets.jpg (101632 bytes)Standard Gasket is pleased to offer this comprehensive Flange Gasket Price & Selection Guide.  Our goal is for this to be more than a sales tool for us, but also a convenient information resource for those who use Flange Gaskets - like you.  SG's Standard Flange Gasket line includes two basic styles (Ring Type and Full Face), each in both Low (125-150 LB) and High Pressure (250-300 LB) options.  Each of these four styles are available in numerous standard materials in various thickness and hardness options for over two dozen standard flange sizes from 1/2" through 48" diameter. 

Put simply, SG offers over 5,000 standard flange gasket choices at low factory-direct prices...and that's just what you don't have to request a special quote to view.  We couldn't even begin to count the possible semi-standard flange gasket variations, but there are literally hundreds of other material options available in the same wide range of styles and sizes with low minimum purchase requirements and no tooling or setup charges.  Most custom variations of OD's, ID's and Holes are also available with low minimum purchase and setup charges.

We know that from a Buyer or Engineer's viewpoint, it isn't enough to simply know the nomenclature and nominal dimensions of a critical part, you need the actual specifications and dimensions.   Thus, you will find standard ANSI B16.5 Flange Gasket sizes and tolerances listed in the Standard Size Chart, plus material information in the Physical Properties Charts and Chemical Resistance Charts.

Neoprene Rubber Flange Gaskets, Full FaceNot only are we confident that the quality of SG Flange Gaskets is practically impossible to beat, we are also pretty bold in publishing our prices right out in front of the whole world.   If you've looked around the internet for Flange Gasket suppliers, you may have noticed that about the only way to get even standard flange gasket pricing from our competitors is for you to contact them.  (Hmmmm?) 

One of our favorite companies, McMaster-Carr, does lists a few, but at considerably higher prices and without any quantity or volume discounts.  Although their minimums are a little lower, their overall prices on the 72 styles they offer (compared to our 5,000+) are over 25% higher on average than Standard Gasket's prices before applying any of our standard, three-way discounts (e.g. quantity breaks, multi-item discounts, free freight).

SBR Red Rubber Flange Gaskets, Full Face and Ring TypeWe think it obvious that all the useful technical information in the world isn't complete if how much it costs isn't included.  Besides, we've been manufacturing and selling Flange Gaskets for a very long time and are yet to find ourselves out of the ballpark when it comes to pricing or quality.  (We have uncovered numerous cases of literal rip-offs in contrast, though.)   If you encounter one of those cases where our competitor tries to explain why his prices are so much higher than ours by touting their fine quality, we suggest that you respond in the Missouri way:  Just say, "Show me!"   Our dimensions, tolerances, physical properties, and other specifications are all right here - along with our prices (which are the same for you as everyone else) - so comparing ought to be easy. 

Neoprene-Segment-Gasket.jpg (87599 bytes)We would certainly welcome the opportunity to serve you in regards to your Flange Gasket requirements, but in any event, we hope the information at this site is useful to you and others in your organization.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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